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Welcome to my blog! I'm a self proclaimed nerd and my main obsession is pretty much tabletop roleplaying games, crafting, and podcasting. 

I am a mother of an adopted 20 year old and have been a mom since 2018. I'm married to my lovely husband since 2010, but recently came out as biromantic demisexual and polyamorous. 

I left the corporate world to become a freelancer on June 4, 2021. It was the best decision I have made in a very long time. Now I get to do multiple things that make me happy: Audio Editing, Community Management, Professional Dungeon Master/Game Master, Streamer, TTRGP Developmental Writer/Editor, Technical Writer, Project Manager, and a podcaster for a multitude of shows! 

Check out my page for links to all my podcasts, guest spots, and future projects.

Get announcements of things at my twitter @beholdertonoone.


My Services



I have been podcasting since December 30, 2019, when Beholder to No One was created. Since then Beholder to No One has won 3rd and 7th place in the EnWorlds Awards for Favorite Tabletop Talk Podcast. Now with over 15k downloads and 200+ episodes the show has one shots, actualplays and discussions! I am also a regular cast member in other podcasts, and guest on a multitude of shows across the interweb.


I have been regularly streaming since 2021. I have my own Twitch channel that is rarely used, but I am a weekly guest on 2000 Tales on YouTube for Big Gay Dice Game and the MOTW: Weird Web campaign. I can also be found on Chaotic Wonderful occasionally for 4 shots, or on Weave the Tale as a player or GM in a multitude of different games.


Project Management

As a podcaster, streamer and professional GM I have needed to work on Project Management skills to ensure the success of not only my own projects but others. I have worked for myself, Penny for a Tale's Weave the Tale Twitch channel, as well as for TourGuide Games, Inc as a project manager officially. I have also done a multitude of Project Management type things in my corporate work.

Pro GMing

I am a professional GM for TourGuide Games as well as on Startplaying.Games, or you can hire me to run a Necrobiotic game on my Ko-Fi!

With 8+ years experience of GMing I love to make improv stories focused on roleplaying, romance, difficult battles, and hard choices. You can message me on Startplaying.Games or Ko-Fi for unique GM opportunities!


Video Tutorial Creation

I worked in a company where I was a trainer and instruction Guide creator. With that knowledge I have 8+ years of experience in the field of helping others learn things in a easy, followable way. I can make videos that can be used for tutorials on how to use programs, how to play TTRPGs, how to create characters, etc. I would LOVE to work on more of these!

Development/Technical Writing & Editing

Using my 8+ years of experience in building instruction guides and training manuals, as well as 20+ years of TTRPG experience and 8 years of GMing to help your work come to life! Let me write for your game or help edit your writing by providing feedback and suggestions to make your game better!


Voice Acting

As a frequently player of TTRPGs, there have been a few instances where I have been asked to be a voice actor for TTRPG dramas or small parts in shows.

My first roll was as a Dwarven Engineer Throfelda for Ballad of the Seven's Dice's Ballad of the Chosen Few.


Let’s Work Together

  • Twitter
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